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Welcome to Heart of a Child

Latest from the Blog

The Loosey Goosey

During the life of a child, it’s quite common for a kid to use their creativity and imagination when playing games, going to new places, and having fun each day. They can do this in a number of ways: a kid can use their imagination to create games to play with their friends, family, and…

Neon the Spotted Hyena

When an author creates a protagonist for a story (whether it’s for a book, movie, or tv show), they often try to make them as unique as possible. They do this so the hero or heroine can stand out when compared to other characters in the story. In order to do that, the writer will…

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

When an author creates a main protagonist for a story (whether it’s one for a book, tv show, or a movie), they have them portrayed in one of two ways: relatable or someone readers can look up to and want to be like. A writer will usually have the protagonist be one or the other…

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